Focus Wine Cellars - testimonial - Eric Golani

I am writing to express my thanks to your whole team for the excellent job they did with my cellar in HoManTin, Hong Kong. I have been dreaming about having a cellar of my own for a long time and I actually purchased this flat to have this wine cellar inside. I always imagined how I would enjoy it together with my family and my friends for many years to come. Now that the cellar is complete, and all my precious wines are peacefully resting there, I see that it has become more than I had expected, thanks to your company’s perfectionism in designing and building my cellar. We are loving every detail of it including the crafty displays for magnum bottles, the extra secure compartment for my most valuable wines and all the beautiful details and finishes. I also deeply appreciate your company’s extreme professionalism throughout the whole process. From the moment of our first contact, I felt assured that FWC would give me the perfect cellar I wanted.

Thank you very much once again and I am sure you will have many more projects in Hong Kong and China in the future. I will definitely be referring anyone interested in a wine cellar exclusively to FWC.